Mac is a very handsome boy with a shiny black coat and the best ears.

Jonty is a handsome lad, he has a fluffy black coat and endearing bright loving eyes. Jonty is a very laid-back hound, he walks beautifully on the lead and takes everything in his stride.

Teddy is a big handsome lad with an outgoing and happy character, he celebrates his 7thbirthday this year but is still very much a puppy at heart.

Dippy is a big handsome lad with a beautiful shiny coat and an endearing distinguished face. Dippy has a happy and bouncy character,

Popitt is a real beauty with her stunning smooth fawn coat. Popitt has lovely nature, she is calm,
confident and friendly with everyone she meets.

A stunning boy, Moe has a gleaming black coat and a very happy expression. Moe has a great character, he is full of fun and just loves to play or go for exciting walks.

A stunning boy, Musky has a full jet black coat and the most beautiful golden eyes. Loving and affectionate,

Bracken is a smaller boy with a shiny black coat and sweet expressive ears. Quiet-natured yet playful,

Santis is the most stunning blue boy with an elegant stature and engaging bright eyes. Santis was recently homed but struggled being left alone for longer periods.

Khloe is a stunning girl with a beautiful glossy black coat. Khloe has a spritely character, she loves to be out and gets very excited on her walks so can be a bit lively on the lead