Executive Lounges

Our three Executive lounges will each seat up to 30 people. All lounges have private Bar and Tote facilities. A first class buffet is on offer.

The Lounges were designed in such a way so larger parties of 60 or 90 Guests can be easily catered for. We simply remove the sliding partitions to interlink 2 or 3 Lounges.

  • One Lounge

    Min 20 people. Max 30

  • Two Lounges

    Min 45 people. Max 60.

  • Three Lounges

    Min 70 people. Max 90.

The Executive Lounges are the first in the country to offer private trackside terraces.

Bring stunning views of the racing


includes car parking & racecard

Call to booking (01493) 720343


Less than 20 guests in your party? Find out more about our Raceview Restaurant

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel

If 28 days notice, or more is received, prior to the event date, there is the option of booking an alternative date or receiving a full refund of any deposit and balance payments. If 27 to 14 days notice is received prior to the event date the booking may be transferred to an alternative date however, no refund is available. If less than 14 days notice is received, prior to the event date, no transfer or refund is available.

If we need to cancel

Although very rare, there can be instances, usually for the safety of the greyhounds, that we have to cancel a meeting due to extreme weather.

  • Extreme Weather: The meeting is cancelled before your party has set off. You will have the choice of either a full refund or changing you event to an alternate date.
  • Racing is cancelled before race six: Your parties evening will continue, just minus the remaining races. You party will receive a voucher, to return on any midweek date (to be used within 3 months, exclusions will apply), entitling each of your group to complimentary, Admission, Racecard and Main course only.
  • Meeting is cancelled after race six – Your parties evening will continue, just minus the remaining races. Your party will receive a GENERAL ADMISSION voucher to visit us on another occasion.

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