Jock is a charming boy with his unusual brindle coat and good looks, he is a real head turner.

A truly beautiful girl, Lassie has a soft brindle coat and loving brown eyes.

Mac is a very handsome boy with a shiny black coat and the best ears.

Elvis is a real beauty, he has a gleaming smooth black coat and bright golden eyes. Elvis is housetrained and used to a quiet home environment…

Louie is a beautiful boy with his light brindle coat and deep brown eyes. Louie can be a little shy of new people and in new situations, however once he knows you, his loving and playful nature begins
to shine through

A charming boy, Frankie has a stunning brindle coat, bright golden eyes and a very happy tail, he’s a real head turner. Still a youngster at three years young,

Mama is a bigger girl with a lovely shiny black coat and expressive ears. Mama has a friendly and outgoing character.

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