• Greyhound Racing.

    Each and Every
    Monday, Thursday at 6:30pm
    & Saturday at 7:30pm

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  • Motor Racing

    Sunday 1st April 2018 @ 5.30pm. Gates open 4:30pm
    1300cc Stock Cars
    National Ministox
    V8 Hot Stox

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General Admission

For Greyhound and Motor racing meetings. Great value, with access to the Raceview bars, diner and snack-bar, plus downstairs Trackside area.

Five Good Things

Group of 5 or more? Check out our great value Greyhound party deal.  Includes Admission, racecard food, drink and tote bet. Pre-book only.

Raceview Restaurant

Join us every Greyhound meeting in our 240 seater Raceview restaurant. Stunning views of the racing! Great Food. Great Fun.

Executive Lounges

Our private lounges are great for parties while at the dogs. Each lounges has a private betting tote and bar with a first class buffet.

When it comes to sport which is
fast and furious,
Yarmouth Stadium is the place to be.

Sited at Caister-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. We have developed over the years into a major venue.

Among the most popular events are Greyhound racing three times a week. We offer extra meetings for our annual Derby Festival in September and in December, as we are on of the biggest party venues on the East coast, we add extras meetings.

From racing on 4 legs to 4 wheels, the stadium also hosts, in conjunction with Spedeworth International, Motor Racing. Throughout the year the stadium stages a variety of events ranging from Hot Rod racing to Banger racing.

Looking for a family friend?

Greyhounds make great pets!

You may be surprised to know that these loving dogs only require two short walks a day. With a compassionate nature they need no more food or care than any other loving household pet.

Maybe you could offer one of these lovely dogs a home?

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders work to ensure they have a good life following their racing career Despite popular misconceptions greyhounds in general are:

  • Gentle, adaptable and affectionate
  • Lazy couch potatoes happy with a couple of short walks a day
  • Loving companions who, with a little patience, can live easily with children and other pets.

This week’s Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders’ featured Mercury pet is Banjo. Handsome Banjo has a lovely thick, soft black coat and an alert expression.